In this sophomore Enneagram episode of the podcast The Road Back To You, Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile continue their discussion with Luke Norsworthy, host of the popular podcast Newsworthy with Norsworthy. In this episode they continue to explore the history and oral tradition of the Enneagram, discuss the different categories of the Enneagram and look at the different arenas they have taught and used the Enneagram around the world, and explore how the Enneagram has impacted their lives, marriage and families.


Join us next week as we start a series of interviews on each of the nine enneagram numbers. Our first guest is the passionate and ever delightful pastor and New York Times Best Selling author, Nadia Bolz-Weber. Over two podcasts we will explore what it means to be a women, an Enneagram 8 and a highly visible public figure.


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